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28″ 4K MONITOR WE28UX8310


Enjoy stunning, high quality images with excellent detail on the Westinghouse 28” 4k Ultra-High Definition Monitor. It’s the perfect monitor for gaming, multimedia, graphic design or even day to day productivity. Plus its future proof with features like HDMI 2.0, Display Port 1.2 HDCP 2.2 and multiple USB 3.0 inputs. Maximize your viewing options by adjusting the monitor to your desired height, or easily tilt or swivel to your preferred angle or even pivot from landscape to portrait.

Ultra High Definition

Ultra High Definition (UHD), also known as 4K (3840×2160 pixels), is the next generation of high definition television, offering resolutions that is four times greater than current HDTV available today. Video is sharper and much more detailed, thanks to greater pixel counts. Images are crisp and clean and seem to pop off the screen. UHD is the perfect solution for applications requiring the use of detailed images.

Tilt, Lift, Swivel, Pivot

Instantly set the height of your Westinghouse monitor for a more comfortable computing experience. With fingertip effort, lift or lower your monitor, pivot left/right, tilt forward/back or swivel your screen for portrait/landscape viewing.

Energy Star

Look for our products with Energy Star. These products either meet or exceed Federal energy efficiency standards.

Eco-Thoughtfully designed with the environment in mind

Lightweight means a lower transportation carbon footprint.

Cartons are recycled and recyclable and are printed with soy-based inks.

Westinghouse LED TVs contain no Mercury or Lead.