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Customer Survey:

  • For what use did you purchase your Product:

  • If Residential, did you purchase a:

  • If Commercial, did you purchase a:

  • If TV, where will you display this product?

  • If Commercial Display/Monitor, what will you display on this product?
  • If Residential HDTV, how will you use this product? (Check all that apply)
     Watch TV Gaming Movies HD Internet
  • If Digital Signage, how will you use this product?

  • Before you purchased your Westinghouse product, what information did you find most useful?

  • What factor most influenced your decision to purchase a Westinghouse product?

  • If applicable, who installed the product?

  • Would you recommend Westinghouse products to a friend?

  • How would you rate our company to our competitors for overall product quality?

  • If required, how would you rate our Technical Service support?

  • How would you rate our Sales/Customer Service support?

  • Where do you have audio-visual equipment at home? (Check all that apply)

  • Primary TV signal source

  • This TV is my

  • Household income

  • Gender of purchaser or intended recipient

  • Age of primary user

  • Zipcode
  • What are your improvement suggestions for our products or service? (Max 100 characters)