Tuner Activation FAQs

Q: I am a satellite TV user (or cable TV user). Do I need to activate the TV tuner?
A: No. As a general rule, if you are using a cable box or a satellite box, you do not need to activate the TV tuner. For DISH customers requiring advanced set up, call Westinghouse customer care at 1-800-701-0680.

Q: Why do I need to enter a tuner code for my television to receive over-the-air broadcasts?
This enables Westinghouse users to choose a feature that most TV users do not use, receiving over-the-air broadcasts. This choice simplifies TV operation for users who do not intend to receive such broadcasts, such as by avoiding unnecessary channel scans. The access code input enables Westinghouse to accurately count the end users who seek to enable the ATSC tuner, for purposes of royalty reporting (but for the end user, this activation is free). This looks to the future of television design: Digital televisions are beginning to include installable hardware or software features.

Q: Do I need to pay to activate my tuner.
No – tuner activation is free to all WESTINGHOUSE customers

Q: I received an activation code from WESTINGHOUSE but I cannot activate my TV’S tuner; why not?
The most likely problem is that when you provided your TV’s Serial Number to WESTINGHOUSE, you made a mistake in one or more of the digits. (For example, be careful not to confuse the numeral “0” with the letter “O”). If that happened, the activation code you received from WESTINGHOUSE will not activate your TV’s tuner. Be careful to provide your exact serial number. In addition be careful to enter the activation code exactly as you received it, using your remote control pointed directly at your TV.

Q: Why doesn’t this web page provide an activation code when I provide the required information on my model and serial number?
Be careful to use the correct, complete serial number for your TV. You can find this at the product label. The serial number is always 13 digits – all numbers except the fifth digit, which is a letter. If you continue to experience problems, contact Westinghouse customer care at 1-800-701-0680.


If I previously activated the tuner but change how I am using the TV, do I need to activate the tuner again?

No – once the tuner has been activated, it remains activated for the life of the TV.