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The Westinghouse Brand Promise

Westinghouse is built upon a tradition of dependability and innovation. Today, we strive to make everyday life a little better by offering a wide range of quality products and services you can trust.

For more than 130 years, Westinghouse has stood for innovative, reliable, high-quality products and customer service. A combination of groundbreaking technology and rock-solid dependability has made Westinghouse one of the world’s most trusted brands.

When you see Westinghouse, consumers know they are getting a product packed with features that make their lives simply easier, a product that has all the latest thinking, while providing years of value.

Since 1886, Westinghouse has brought the best to life.

Westinghouse remains a trusted name globally in consumer and industrial products. Built on a heritage of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, Westinghouse products were the first to supply the United States with AC electric power, transmit a commercial radio broadcast and capture man’s first step on the moon.

Today, Westinghouse continues to grow its diverse portfolio with a wide range of product categories that include home appliances, consumer electronics, lighting and power generation.

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Westinghouse Introduces tablets in Argentina.

I178 Giftbox 2008h005


Westinghouse Introduces line of Gaming Monitors

Wm32dx9019 3qt


Westinghouse Announces Partnership with Roku TV.

Wr55ux4019 3qt 1


Westinghouse Introduces First 4K UHDTV with Fire TV Edition.

Firetv Hero


Westinghouse introduces the first 1080p display.

Wd19hn1108 3qt 2


Westinghouse Announces Home/Office monitors.

Lcm 22w3 Angle Copy


2a 1977 Awacs 1Westinghouse introduces the first airborne surveillance radar system.


Westinghouse cameras capture the first moonwalk for viewers back on earth.

1z 1969 Moonwalk


1969 Today we celebrate the Westinghouse Apollo 11 Camera for capturing man’s 1st steps on the moon in 19691389199 1616311091919223 2074336867 N


No waiting for the picture to appear! Another first from Westinghouse.

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Paul Rand designs the Westinghouse logo.1y 1960 Paulrandlogo


Westinghouse Introduces the First Color TV

Westinghouse 1954


The USS Nautilus, the world’s first nuclear submarine, was launched with a reactor built by Westinghouse.

1x Nautilus


1w 1950 FreedomfairWestinghouse markets its appliance line with the Freedom Fair advertising campaign.


First industrial 2000 HP, W21 gas turbine installed at the Mississippi River Fuel Corp in Wilmar, Arkansas

1v2 1948 W21 Turbine


First all-weather airport approach lighting installed at Idlewild International Airport, New York.

1v2a 1947 Jfk Lights


The Dawn of Better Living was produced by Walt Disney Co. for WestinghouseThe Dawn of Better Living


Westinghouse begins producing power at Grand Coulee Dam.

1v 1941 Grand Coulee Dam


Westinghouse supports the war effort on many fronts, including the creation of the famous “We Can Do It” poster.

1u 1940 Wecandoit


Westinghouse Electric constructs the first atom smasher to explore the potential of nuclear energy as a practical power source.

1s 1937 Atomsmasher


1939 Elektro SparkoWestinghouse makes an impression at the New York World’s Fair with its Hall of Power and Elektro, the walking, talking robot.


The world’s fastest elevators are built for New York’s Rockefeller Center.

1r 1933 Rocafellercenter


55,000 Westinghouse workers honor George Westinghouse by raising funds to build a memorial and garden in Pittsburgh’s Schenley Park.

1q 1930 Westinghousememorial


The first television camera tube was called an Iconoscope

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1p 1923 ShortwaveWestinghouse pioneers the first international shortwave radio broadcast.


Westinghouse introduces the first factory-built radio receiver.

1o 1921 Radiotransmitter


Westinghouse makes history with the first commercial radio broadcast in the country. Radio station KDKA begins operations.

1920 Kdkabroadcast 700 500


George Westinghouse dies, leaving a legacy that includes 361 patents and the founding of 60 companies.

1m 1914 George Westinghouse


Westinghouse acquires Copeman Electric Stove Company and enters the home appliance market.

1l 1914 Copeman Stove


Westinghouse’s first main-line AC powered locomotive produced for New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad. Mode:l NH EP1 Supplied voltage: 11 kV, 25 Hz AC, 600 V DC & 636 V AC.

1k3 1905 Ac Locomotive


This was the first decade of filmmaking and film viewing.

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First commercial Westinghouse steam turbine driven generator, 1,500 kW unit nicknamed the Mary-Ann, Hartford Electric Light Co.

1k2 1901 Maryann Turbine


Installed hydropower AC generators at Adams Power Plant, Niagara Falls which supplied power to Buffalo, New York

1k 1896 Niagara Power2


Westinghouse beats Thomas Edison for the contract to light the Chicago World’s Fair with AC power and wins the “War of the Currents.”

1j 1893 Worldsfair


1h2 1886 AmesWestinghouse Electric Company is founded.


Nikola Tesla receives a patent for the first alternating current motor and comes to work for Westinghouse Electric Company.

1i 1888 Tesla


Westinghouse Electric Company is founded.

1h 1886 Westinghouseelectricplant


Westinghouse invented the automatic air brake by utilizing a triple valve system that equipped each car with its own air cylinder.

1f 1873 Automatic Airbrake


1g 1881 UnionswitchWestinghouse founds Union Switch and Signal Company to develop closed-track circuits and interlocking systems for railroads.


1e 1871 AirbrakeworkersWestinghouse Air Brake Company implements half-day Saturdays, a big step toward the five-day work week.


Westinghouse patents the air brake, revolutionizing railroad safety.

1c 1869 Steambrakes


George Westinghouse patents the rotary steam engine.

1b 1865 Steamengine


George Westinghouse born in Central Bridge, New York.

1a 1846 Gwborqn 1