Introducing Westinghouse’s New Line of Roku TVs!

Westinghouse 4K UHD, FHD, and HD Roku TVs offer an unequaled entertainment experience that fits your lifestyle. Watch exactly what you want, how you want when you want it. With built-in Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity, access your entertainment in a snap.

My Life. My Way. My Westinghouse.

Take Smart TV to the next level with Westinghouse Roku TV feature-packed models.

The new Roku TVs from Westinghouse provide access to 500,000+ movies and TV episodes via 5,000+ free or paid channels. Fast and easy search across hundreds of channels returns results in order by price, plus what’s playing live when an HDTV antenna is attached. Free content is easy to find with The Roku Channel, which offers award-winners, cult classics, live and linear news, sports and entertainment, and more all without a subscription required. Featured Free provides users with direct links to free in-season episodes from top network shows and full past-season catch-ups.

Roku TV OS features a personalized home screen that provides front-and center access to antenna, broadcast TV, favorite streaming channels, and inputs for other devices such as game consoles. Roku TV simplifies the TV viewing experience by allowing easy access to all of your entertainment without the need to flip through multiple screen and menu items.

Users have multiple control options over their TV by using either the Roku TV remote control, which has half the buttons of a traditional TV remote, or using the Roku Mobile app on their smartphone or tablet. Consumers can also cast popular streaming channels and personal video, photos and music directly from their smartphones to the TV.

4K Ultra High-Definition: Users can experience stunning resolution and picture quality on Westinghouse Roku TVs 4K Ultra HD sets. Sizes include 43”, 50”, 55” and 65” (Respective MSRP’s: $299.99, $329.99, $399.99, $579.99) with additional sizes coming soon. Ultra HD content can be accessed from Roku’s 4K Ultra HD Spotlight channel or from some of the most popular video streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube and Vudu.

High Definition: Also available are a range of Westinghouse Roku TVs that provide the same great Roku experience in a more budget-friendly affordable HD resolution up to 1080p.  Sizes include 32”, 40” and 43” (Respective MSRP’s: $169.99, $229.99, $249.99)

HDR-10 (High Dynamic Range): HDR-10 delivers enhanced wider color, greater brightness, Improved contrast than standard displays.

Dolby Audio: Provides crystal-clear audio with improved dialogue and enhanced loudness for a fuller audio mix.

Connectivity: A wide variety of options to easily integrate your TV or gaming console in your home.

Westinghouse Roku TV - Streaming Channels

Stream free TV, live news, sports, movies and more!

Stream top free or paid programming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, PBS, Disney Now, and YouTube. Thousands more channels for sports, news and major music services, like Pandora, iHeartRadio and Sirius XM are available.

Listen to major music services.

Like Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Sirius XM all through your Westinghouse Roku TV.

Westinghouse Roku TV
Westinghouse Roku TV - Mobile App

Control. My Way. More Ways.

Voice Control, Fast Keyboard Search, Private Listening with your Free Roku Mobile App!

Cast straight from your mobile device.

Easily share photos, videos, and music from your compatible smartphone or tablet right to your Westinghouse Roku TV.

No More Interruptions.

Listen to your Westinghouse Roku TV through the Private Listening feature on your Roku Mobile App!

Stream on the go!

Access The Roku Channel anytime, anywhere on your mobile devices.

Westinghouse Roku TV - Roku Channel App
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